Perfect hiking pleasure

Image: Hiking the Allgäu trails

The Hiking Trilogy

Three theme trails open up the great variety of landscapes and natural beauty to the hiking fan: With "Wiesengänger", "Wasserläufer" and "Himmelsstürmer" you will experience Allgäu's highlights on trails through lush grasslands, along cristal clear lakes, and up Allgäu's green mountains.

Pack your rucksack and off you go, into a new world of hiking delights!


On Sundays

Breaded Schnitzel baked with butter


Each Sunday starting at 5.30 pm you can enjoy a great variety of the most popular Schnitzels at our restaurant! For example "Tiroler Bauern­schnitzel" (a breaded Schnitzel with bacon, fried egg, and fried potatoes) or the famous italian "Piccata Milanese" (roasted in a cheesecoat with tomato sauce and spaghetti) or the classic "Schnitzel à la Viennese" with fries and lemon.

Schnitzels on Sunday - a very special event!

E-Bike Charging Station

Charging your bike battery in and around Kaufbeuren

Like Cycling?

A comprehensive network of routes covering more than 1500 km with some 90 themed routes and round trips awaits you. There is an 8-Lakes Round, the Monastery Round, the Panorama Round, just to mention a few. Choose the one that suits you best!

And then, after a long day on tour, relax with a cool beer, and enjoy the hospitable atmosphere of our beer garden whilst charging the bike-battery at the same time!