Happy New Year!

New Year Wishes Gasthof Engel

And all the Best in 2019

Short vacation close-down from January 1 until January 5!

The whole Engel Team would like to wish all guests and friends a happy and healthy new year with a lot of special moments to remember!

Allgäu Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Have fun in the snow

Of course, in the Bavarian mountains you can enjoy all the classic winter activities like skiing, cross-country skiing, or snowboarding. Even sledding, sleigh riding.

But did you know, at the Hornerdorfer there are also cleared hiking trails at 1500 m altitude on the sunny mountain side?

On Sundays

Breaded Schnitzel baked with butter


Each Sunday starting at 5.30 pm you can enjoy a great variety of the most popular Schnitzels at our restaurant! For example "Tiroler Bauern­schnitzel" (a breaded Schnitzel with bacon, fried egg, and fried potatoes) or the famous italian "Piccata Milanese" (roasted in a cheesecoat with tomato sauce and spaghetti) or the classic "Schnitzel à la Viennese" with fries and lemon.

Schnitzels on Sunday - a very special event!