Be a guest in our traditional restaurant!

Our menu reflects the tradition of the Allgäu. Most Allgäu specialties are made from flour, milk, eggs and cheese, combining rich flavors  and nutritious ingredients.

Signature dishes are for example Spätzle, Maultaschen, Krautkrapfen and the famous Allgäuer Käsespätzle with three types of cheese. All our dishes are traditionally prepared using only fresh local products from organic farms in the region. Our fish comes directly from the Lake Constance region and the local ponds. The game and mushrooms are from the forests of the area.

Come by, get a taste of Allgäu Tradition, and enjoy our house specialty - Moschtküchle with vanilla ice cream – for dessert. Together with the "Kässpatz'n" this is considered a kind of national dish. The recipe has been handed down from one generation to the next and every housewife in the region has her own trick. At our restaurant, this dessert is prepared on request following the original recipe of our grandmother. Tradition in its sweetest form!

Summer in the beer garden

In the summertime, it is especially nice in our beer garden. Enjoy a cold drink in the shadows of the 150-year-old chestnut trees, which used to be planted back in the day to cool the beer, stored in the cellars beneath.

Celebrate your special events

Want to celebrate with your loved ones? We have three beautiful, traditional rooms suited for every occasion:

"Kauzmann Stube" (for 55 persons)
"Wirtsstube" (for 40 persons)
"Wanninger Stüble"  (for 35 persons)